The Designer | Katie Nocella

For Katie, the joy of designing comes from the ability to create something distinct and special for each individual. Every design is one of a kind and tailored to fit the person she creates it for. With an educational background in Anthropology, Katie, draws heavily on her observations of the world and people around her. She looks for patterns, discerning likes and dislikes based on behavior and style choices. For her designing is the visual explanation of the world around her; a tangible, aesthetically choreographed ethnography.

The Process

Ever the conservationist, Nocella Designs reuses all. Taking care not to waste, we find a certain beauty in the transformation of objects that are readily available. We began simply by reconstructing clothes and creating new jewelry from old pieces. Making cards from saved packaging, and weaving beautiful creations with scraps of fabric, ribbon, and hair. Through this conscious gathering and collecting of materials from our surroundings, we took an instinctive interest to making natural dyes from collected materials. This interest has developed into a unique style and experimentation with different botanicals and materials. By taking the these experiments into garment making and weaving, we create a one of a kind style and body of work that reflects the creative process and environmental connections.

Our Designs

Nocella Designs give the wearer a new perspective on a subject. This does not necessarily mean that the wearer will take away the same perspective, but will encounter the subject and material through a new lens of their own. It is important to us to create work that conjures critical thinking about the material, and how it is used to translate everyday images and ideas into a new product.